The art of crime MONA LİSA

the mona lisa was painted by leonardo da vinci, and is probably the world's most famous painting. you can see it in the Louvre, in Paris.but are you sure it was painted by leonardo da vinci?
in1911 the paintin was stolen from the museum. 2 years laterit was offered to an art dealer in Florence by someone called Vincenzo Perucia for 500,000 lire. the art dealer called the police and Perucia was arrested. it seems that the painting was in Perucia's flat for two years.but why?

in fact, the theft was planned by someone called Eduardo de Valfierno. he asked Perucia to steal the Mona Lİsa. then six brilliant copies were made and sold to rich collectors. each collector thought his copy was the original, and when the painting was found, Valfierno simply told them that it was only a copy. Valfierno was paid for the painting six times, and Perugia was never paid for his help.
so the mona lisa was returned to the Louvre. But are you sure that the painting really is the original, and not one of many copies.