Household PVC Plastics Wrap introduction:
The plastic wrap can also be used to clean plastic lunch boxes. After the plastic lunch boxes are filled with food, the greasy food on them is not easy to clean. At this time, you can use plastic wrap to scrub, it is easy to clean the grease on the plastic lunch boxes.
Our Advantages
a. Extensive production experience: we are specialized in cling film with an experience of 20 years.
b. Complete production facilities: Three sets of auto cling film lines ,five sets of side cutting machine and four sets of rewinding machine
c. High quality raw material:
d. Strict testing procedures: meeting the requirements of the product design and process, providing reliable testing data.

e. Short Delivery time: If one container 5-20 days. We also stock some standard-sized cling film, if you need small amount, we can delivery soon.
China Pvc Plastic Wrap